We Could All Use A Good Massage

Many of you are feeling really down at this time. Many of us are too. Which is why some of us have already booked a massage near me in Falls Church VA. A discussion enfolds. Partner one wishes to know why partner two is feeling so down, so depressed. After all, it was just yesterday that there was a positive vibe about the place. What just 24 hours can do to a person.  And how does that person even know that   he or she knows that he/she even has what is also known as clinical depression. That, my friend, is up to a doctor to decide.   

But not just any (good) doctor, mind you, the doctor. A general practitioner that has been watching you your whole life might be of some help but   he or she can still only go so far. So that being said, should it be suspected that the GP’s patient is coming down with a bout of short to long-term depression, then it should be medical business as usual to refer the patient to a specialist clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

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There could be drugs involved. This is for those cases where the depression has been particularly acute and the afflicted patient needs to calm down as quickly as possible. Yes, it is true, one of the extreme symptoms of clinical depression could be high levels of stress and anxiety. If not that, the patient could be as morbid as a grave and just want to curl up. And sleep. Little does the patient know and feel all the good things out there that could help him or her make a good about turn and go happy go lucky smiling like sunshine already over there.